About the project

My art practice is multi-disciplinary and spans several media, methods, and techniques.  As an artist, I am more interested in narrative, emotional and philosophical content than genre, and seek to match the message with the best media for the expression of an idea.  My technical focus is in the media of drawing, oil painting, and sculptural assemblage.  I enjoy developing work as a series of individual works that illustrate a theme or a single narrative across multiple works.  Thematically, I am fascinated by the exploration of hypocrisy and superficial views that affect our culture.  I view my work as a mirror to reflect the irony, humor, and whimsy of the stereotypical, middle-class American experience (if there is such a thing).  


My influences range from a love of Classical and Renaissance art styles as well as post-modern layering techniques used to combine layered imagery in a complex and rich statement of personal importance to me.  My inspiration comes from my own life, from social media, and current events.  


Current projects include:

After the Fall is a tongue-in-cheek examination of cultural and political reactions to the aftermath of the US presidential election presented as a series of oil on canvas political cartoons.  


The Red Dress is an oil on canvas series that examines the paradox of women historically perceived as being powerful.  An intimate series designed to draw the viewer toward close interaction with the paintings, this series of images are 12” x 24” oil on canvas.  The series examines the appearance of power through the imagery of women dressed in red – a “power-suit” color.   


Pretty Addicted (40” x 30”, oil on canvas) reflects the morning-after moment in the life of a woman with a sexual addiction to her abusive partner, the father of her children.


All You Need ( 36” x 36”, oil on canvas) reflects the mindset of an adult survivor of emotional and physical abuse.


Annetta’s Hallelujah: A Requiem for my Sister  (18” x 18”, charcoal on paper). The series is a collection of seven images, each a personal reflection on a specific life affected by addiction, death, and faith.


My educational background is as varied as my approach to image-making.  I have a performing arts degree (BA 1984) in Musical Theatre from the University of Northern Colorado.  I received a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science (MLS 1991) from the University of North Texas.  I have studied education (teaching American Literature and Drama at the secondary school level) at the University of Wyoming, and have completed more than 70 undergraduate-level credit hours in the Studio Arts ( ceramics, design, drawing, painting, and art history) at Front Range Community College.  


My work background includes work by my left brain as a manager in a large, metropolitan public library, and project manager in the library software and eBook fields.  My right brain has been employed as a writer, director, designer and creative arts assistant and I endured a brief ordeal as an entrepreneur when I owned a commercial as owner of a cake decorating business.  

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