Barbara Diehl

Having been first introduced to to clay in high school, pottery has been an off-again, on-again activity for me. Only after I retired several years ago did I take up clay arts as a serious passion.

Clay, whether terra cotta, stoneware, or porcelain, has its own properties that can be enhanced to produce results not possible with other materials. These characteristics lend each piece its own personality.

Spanning a range from delicate to robust, my ceramic forms are inspired by nature. They are organic, clay responding to my fingers. Brushed with washes, often enhanced with simple glazes, what begins as a pinch pot or a thrown slab morphs into something more complex, and with many possible uses. I am an enabler. I guide the clay to a completed whole, determined by the nature of the material itself. Fired in reduction to cone 10, in gas, wood, soda, or salt, my pieces retain the markings of their making.

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