Jennifer Lord

Speculative Abstract Rainbow-scapes.

Working in acrylic on canvas or hardwood panels, I make paintings that are simultaneous. The poetic titles of my paintings act as a door into the work and provoke multiple meanings.

My work is a portal into another way of seeing the natural world, one of flux and interconnection, an encounter both destabilized and unified. My paintings are ecological and cosmological, depicting different scales and perspectives from various subject orientations. These paintings disrupt singular notions of subject/object. I present emergence, simultaneity, relationship, and multi-directional flows.

While working, I remain on the edge between mapping an image or landscape and being receptive to that which arises through process. This edge is generative, spontaneous, and dynamic. I work with both the specificity of place and the abstractness of nature and phenomenon. I think about climate change, natural and environmental disasters, and the supernatural through process-responsive gestural painting.

The accretion and variety of marks within my paintings coalesce to create an ecology. This ecology of marks describes various emotional, physical, and hidden material qualities of the landscape. My methodology is cosmological.

My current series, under the working title, “Natural/Human Disasters” explores the interconnection of human and geologic Earth shaping forces. My bold and complex paintings explore the human caused destruction of nuclear bombs and mass-scale weaponry, mining, and oil spills alongside phenomena like lightning, volcanoes, floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes. These paintings are chaotic and harmonious imaginary landscapes of the Anthropocene.

Simultaneously looking at the tension between environmental destruction and ecological wholeness, my work is always on the side of nature’s doubtless awesome vitality, grounded in the majesty of mountains and the magic of rainbows.

Jennifer Lord
Jennifer Lord is a practicing painter, ikebana artist, T’ai Chi Ch’uan teacher and arts educator. Graduating from Naropa University with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual & Traditional Eastern Arts. Since 2007, Lord has exhibited in many group shows, collaborative exhibits, and solo exhibitions. Recently, she was interviewed by “Thyme in the Studio” about her solo exhibition AS YOU FIND YOURSELF IN THE VERDANT FIELDS WITH THE SUN ON YOUR FACE at the Juicebox gallery in Denver (August- September 2019). Her digital video collaboration with Noah Travis Phillips “Wildpower” was published online by and exhibited at Sluice in London. Lord exhibited ikebana in the 2018 annual Sogetsu Ikebana Spring Show in Denver, Colorado and in 2018 and 2019 in the annual Ikebana and Ikenobo Grand Exhibition. She currently has a forthcoming collaboration with the Músed Fashion House. Her paintings are held in several private collections. “Bigger View(s): Earth, Anthropocene, Beauty,” an exhibition curated by Lord and set to open March 27, is currently on hold due to COVID-19. A digital version of Bigger View(s) can be seen at: . Follow her on IG: @juniperlord

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