Kari Bell

I am inspired by everything…the mundane, the extraordinary, the personal and the broadly public. Color, light and texture inform my work along with a ‘no fears’ approach.

In abstraction, I have found a path to express my inner self as well as my world view. To me, everything in the world is interconnected and nothing is permanent. Addressing any situation is, therefore, never black and white. Instead is a palette full of possibilities, options and decisions. This is, to my mind, the world and it is my art.

The process of using cold wax with oils facilitates this world view. The oil paint dries more quickly than normal; the wax surface can be scratched, gouged, patterned, pressed and stained layer after layer. This adds incredible depth and texture to any painting and, as a consequence, enhances the visual experience and challenges the view to see deeply.

Artist Bio
Kari Bell was born and raised in the North East US. She holds a BA, MA and a PHD and this education was the basis of a 30 year career in higher education. Kari lived overseas for numbers of years and travelled extensively when women did not. Art was a regular activity in her life but there was nothing to suggest Kari would pursue this as a second career.

Kari’s interest include hiking, film, reading and traveling with an emphasis on art and jazz. Her most recent experiences were to cross the Drake Passage to Antrarctica followed by time in Buenos Aires and Mendoza,

Artistic influences are many but begin with Sorolla, Diebenkorn, De Stael, Farankenthaler, Nieto and Mandelmnan.

Kari and her wife Sandy live and thrive in Colorado.

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