Malin Abrahamsson

At the heart of my practice lies an interest in transformation: the process through which a thing, place, state, or being may change into something entirely new. For two decades, I have created works of art that engage their surroundings–be it in highly trafficked urban transit stations or more quiet, interior or natural settings–while attempting to find the balance between a visual experience on the one hand, and an existential awareness, on the other. I work in a range of materials, and color and texture are always in dialogue with context and form. Driven by careful observation and intuition, my ceramic and mixed-media objects behave like road signs along a path that is continuously unfolding in front of me. Each piece is a fickle reminder of how difficult it is to be sure of precisely what we know. And no matter how convinced we may believe ourselves to be, it can all still be gone in an instant.

Malin Abrahamsson is an inter-disciplinary artist deeply fascinated by material and existential transformation. The recipient of several residencies, grants, and awards, her work has been exhibited in and around New York and abroad. She has completed a number of permanent and temporary public projects, most recently a Percent for Art commission at PS 377Q in Queens, NY, which was administered by NYC Department of Culture and Public Art for Public Schools. Born and raised in northern Sweden, Malin received her BFA with an honorable mention from The School of Visual Arts, NYC. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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