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Jackie McLauchlan TWL Photography

Metal Print, 11 x 14

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Life is short, don’t do things you don’t LOVE!   Work included!
So, Colorado based photographer Jackie McLauchlan only does things she loves! She is a self taught photographer with over 30 years of experience. As a teen, she was fascinated with the expressionism of photography. It began as curiosity, grew into a hobby, and then into an enthusiasm for capturing moments in time. Not just any moments, but diverse interesting moments.   Jackie views the ordinary as an entrance into “the rabbit hole” creating fresh and intriguing images. Today, she continues to seek out Art in the mundane reaching for the complexity of light and form to crate interesting and thought provoking images.

Artist statement:
Jackie brings an artistic essence to each subject through an intuitive regard for light, composition and mood. Her images expose what is unseen by the world and shares the beauty of the undiscovered.