Cloud Study 1


My entries are from an ongoing series of studies I’m calling “40 shades of Gray”, based on my time and memories in Western Ireland. The land, the light, the skies are truly magnificent.
All three drawings are graphite powder, graphite sticks and 9B graphite pencils. Approximately 7 x 9”, matted in 8 ply 11 x 14 mats.

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I am a pencil artist focused on drawing the flora of the world in graphite and color.
What inspires me? In a word, nature. All the elements and principles of design are at work in the natural world. Line, shape, color, texture, and value—it’s all there if you look close enough. My work with botanical and scientific art and illustration helps inform and inspire my teaching and design work in a significant way. I’m a better artist, teacher, and human because of the time I spend in the natural world.


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