Energy Study #1


Courtney Giblin

8″ x 8″ x .5″

Acrylic, Oil Stick, on Wooden Panel

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Painting serves as my medium to explore how we are all connected via energy. Further, how all interactions are simply exchanges of said energy. The work examines how internal/external factors shape our energetic experiences and how our energetic experiences shape who we are as people. Through shape, color, form, and intuitive mark-making I seek to understand how everything fits together to create a harmonious relationship and instill balance. By examining how inter-connected we really are, the question ultimately becomes ‘How can I bring awareness
to my well-being? How can I positively contribute to the collective energy for universal healing?’

About Courtney Giblin
Courtney is a contemporary artist currently living and working in Boulder Colorado. She studied art at the University of Oregon where she received her BA in Art with a focus in painting. Her work explores energy and spirituality through color, shape, and movement.