Recital Rose


Tim King

Bronze on Granite

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Tim King

I produce art as a means to express my joy and wonderment at all of the beauty and goodness I see in the world. I am strengthened by the everyday charm around me, and want to share this with others. My art is as much an expression of the beauty, as it is a statement that I will never take these small blessings for granted.

My art is actually a story of what leads the subject of the sculpture to a decisive moment, and what will follow in both their actions and their lives. Each represents a period of time that lives on forever, … in bronze.

I sign my images with “Thanks”, indicating how extremely grateful and appreciative I am of the talents God has given me, of my family for support, and also of my mentors and customers for their input and participation in this journey. Also, look closely and you may see my children’s and wife’s initials hidden in sculptures as a special honor to them.